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The Vanilla Of Madame CHANE Jeanne
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The vanilla of Madame CHANE Jeanne is presented in the form of whole high quality pods. The preparation of this high quality vanilla starts with the selection of the best vanilla pods from Raiatea and Tahaa.

Indeed, Raiatea called crowned island and Tahaa called the vanilla island, are famous for the production of green high quality vanilla. This selected vanilla undergoes then a long natural process of sun drying following
the traditional, original, ancestral receipt created by Mrs CHANE Jeanne.

Vanilla pods then change slowly as run out the months of care and drying in the sun. A few months later, vanilla pods complete their transformation and become marketable.

The pods are then
famous by their flexibility and their honest and anisated perfume. They are broad, wrinkled, brilliant and of a uniform dark brown color .

This is an exceptional product made with ingeniousness and labour by Madame CHANE Jeanne.

vanille séchée
A long whole, broad, wrinkled, brilliant and of a uniform dark brown color Tahitian Vanilla pod which is not split

First Class Vanilla